Camp Nowhere (film)

Camp Nowhere (film) At the end of each school year, young Morris “Mud” Himmel and his friends are unceremoniously packed off by their wealthy parents to summer camps that specialize in computer programming, military training, or calorie counting. This summer, Morris and his clever cohorts have determined to create their own vacation haven. With help from out-of-work high school drama teacher, Dennis Van Welker—who passes himself off to each of the kids’ parents as the owner of a different phony theme camp—the kids fabricate an elaborate scheme to create their own camp filled with video games and junk food. But when Parents’ Day approaches, the kids have to resort to even greater deceptions to try to fool the gullible parents. Released on August 26, 1994. Directed by Jonathan Prince. A Hollywood Pictures film. 96 min. Stars Christopher Lloyd (Dennis Van Welker), Jonathan Jackson (Morris “Mud” Himmel), Wendy Makkena (Dr. Celeste Dunbar), M. Emmet Walsh (T. R. Polk). Camp Nowhere was built on Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall. Released on video in 1995.