Cabin Boy (film)

Cabin Boy (film) On his way to a luxury ocean cruise, Nathanial Mayweather, an insufferably spoiled rich kid, mistakenly boards The Filthy Whore, a dilapidated fishing trawler populated by a crew of scurrilous old salts who turn his life of leisure into misery as their menial cabin boy. The crew encounter a bunch of quirky mythical creatures in a mysterious Pacific Ocean area known as Hell’s Bucket before finding an island where they plan to repair their boat and rid themselves of Mayweather. But after killing the 50-foot giant shoe salesman, jealous husband of the six-armed siren, Calli, Nathanial wins acceptance as well as the love of Trina, a long-distance swimmer. Reaching Hawaii, Nathanial discovers the pampered life no longer suits him, and he rejoins the crew. Released on January 7, 1994. A Touchstone film. Produced by Tim Burton and Denise DiNovi and directed by Adam Resnick. 80 min. Stars Chris Elliott (Nathanial Mayweather), Ritch Brinkley (Capt. Greybar), Brian Doyle-Murray (Skunk), James Gammon (Paps), Brion James (Big Teddy), Melora Walters (Trina). There is a cameo by David Letterman. Except for the fishing village, the movie was filmed almost entirely on soundstages in the Los Angeles area. Released on video in 1994.