Big Green, The (film)

Big Green, The (film) The arrival of British schoolteacher, Anna Montgomery, to the small town of Elma, Texas, and her determination to create a winning soccer team among the kids, creates many changes in the drab town. She is helped by sheriff Tom Palmer, who is anxious to best his rival, coach Jay Huffer from the big city. Directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan. A Walt Disney Picture, in association with Caravan Pictures. Released on September 29, 1995. Stars Steve Guttenberg (Tom Palmer), Olivia D’Abo (Anna Montgomery), Jay O. Sanders (Jay Huffer), John Terry (Edwin V. Douglas), Chauncey Leopardi (Evan Schiff), Patrick Renna (Larry Musgrove), Billy L. Sullivan (Jeffrey Luttrell). 100 min. Filmed on location around Austin, Texas, with the small town of Dale substituting for the fictional Elma. Since most of the child actors had no experience with soccer, the head coach of the University of Texas’s varsity soccer team, Robert Parr, had to be called in to run a soccer camp.