Best of Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures, The (film)

Best of Walt Disney’s True-Life Adventures, The (film) Compilation feature released on October 8, 1975. Directed by James Algar. 89 min. Narrated by Winston Hibler, the film opens with a salute to Walt Disney as a pioneer in the nature films genre. Animals of all kinds and many species of insects are captured in dramatic and fascinating moments from the Amazon to the Arctic. Hibler’s conclusion aptly states an underlying truth making this True-Life Adventure collection ever popular: “as long as life goes on, nature and all her marvels will continue to fascinate mankind.” Narration written by James Algar, Winston Hibler, Ted Sears. This film, with segments originally fashioned by Ben Sharpsteen and James Algar, is also a tribute to photographers Alfred G. and Elma Milotte, N. Paul Kenworthy Jr., Robert H. Crandall, Hugh A. Wilmar, James R. Simon, Herb and Lois Crisler, Tom McHugh, Jack C. Couffer, John H. Storer, Stuart V. Jewell, Bert Harwell, Dick Borden, Alfred M. Bailey, Olin Sewall Pettingill Jr., Karl H. Maslowski, Lloyd Beebe, William Carrick, Cleveland P. Grant, Murl Deusing, and many others who roamed remote regions of the earth to provide such memorable footage for the series. A variety of music scored for the series by Paul Smith, Oliver Wallace, and Buddy Baker is included.