Bears and I, The (film)

Bears and I, The (film) Vietnam veteran Bob Leslie retreats into Indian territory, where he becomes a foster parent to three bear cubs and fights to preserve the dignity of the Bear Clan of the Taklute Indians. Red Fern believes it better the cubs be dead than captive, although Bob explains he is only protecting them until they reach maturity. Later, Indian Sam wounds one bear and Bob promises to free him when he has recovered. Meanwhile Bob solves the problem of the Indians being reluctant to give up their land for a National Park with his idea of making them all rangers—which is Bob’s goal too. Released on July 31, 1974. Directed by Bernard McEveety. 89 min. Stars Patrick Wayne (Bob), Chief Dan George (Chief Peter), Andrew Duggan (Commissioner Gaines), Michael Ansara (Oliver), Robert Pine (John), Val DeVargas (Sam Eagle Speaker), Hal Baylor (Foreman). John Denver composed and performed the song, “Sweet Surrender,” for this film. The movie was shot in the scenic grandeur of the central British Columbian wilderness on Chilko Lake. The Nehemiah band of Chilcotin Indians, who lived there, were hired to appear in the film.