Baby . . . Secret of the Lost Legend (film)

Baby . . . Secret of the Lost Legend (film) A young scientist discovers the existence of a family of dinosaurs in the jungles of Africa. With her husband, she attempts to rescue them from an evil scientist who, with government support, is trying to capture the creatures. Soldiers kill the father and capture the mother, but the scientist manages to save the baby brontosaurus. After a series of hair-raising adventures the couple defeats the evil scientist and reunites the infant with its mother. Released on March 22, 1985. Directed by B.W.L. Norton. A Touchstone film. 93 min. Stars William Katt (George Loomis), Sean Young (Susan Matthews-Loomis), Patrick McGoohan (Dr. Eric Kivist), Kyalo Mativo (Cephu). Central to the plot are the dinosaur characters designed and constructed by mechanical effects experts Ron Tantin and Isidoro Raponi. These characters, among the largest and most complex ever created for the screen, required almost one full year of planning. The dinosaur models range in size from a full-scale father (70 feet long and 25 feet high) to a miniature baby (30 inches long and 10 inches high). The dinosaurs were sculpted and molded in the United States and reconstructed at two “dino bases” in the Ivory Coast. After a global search, the filmmakers settled on the Ivory Coast because of its tropical rain forest and primitive bush villages. The film crew, based in Abidjan (population 1.5 million), utilized locations in the nearby Parc National du Banco for tropical jungle scenes. Several villages within a 70-kilometer radius and situated along the Comoe River were also primary sites. Filming was completed at the Disney Studio in Burbank. Released on video in 1985, 1989, and 1993.