Avonlea (television)

Avonlea (television) Highly acclaimed weekly series on Disney Channel, which began on March 5, 1990, and aired its last new episode on December 8, 1996. Based on the stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery, who wrote Anne of Green Gables. Sara Stanley comes to Avonlea on Prince Edward Island to live with her relatives, and Avonlea is never the same again. She lives with her aunt, the spinster schoolteacher, Hetty King, and constantly bickers with her cousin, Felicity. Stars Sarah Polley (Sara Stanley), Jackie Burroughs (Hetty King), Mag Ruffman (Olivia), Cedric Smith (Alec King), Lally Cadeau (Janet King), Gema Zamprogna (Felicity), Zachary Bennett Felix), R. H. Thomson (Jasper), Michael Mahonen (Gus). The show won the Emmy Award as Best Children’s Program in 1993, and another Emmy for a guest appearance of Christopher Lloyd. See also Anne of Avonlea.