Adventures of Pollyanna, The (television)

Adventures of Pollyanna, The (television) Television show, aired on April 10, 1982, based on the theatrical film, Pollyanna. Directed by Robert Day. Stars Shirley Jones, Patsy Kensit, Edward Winter, Beverly Archer, Lucille Benson, John Putch. Pollyanna’s Aunt Polly wants the girl to spend her time studying, but Pollyanna has other ideas. She joins a secret club with a group of orphans, and they spy on a mysterious new resident in town, only to learn that her standoffishness is because of her desire to shield a retarded son. Pollyanna helps the town accept the boy and his mother. The town square set at the Studio became the town of Harrington; it had been built for Something Wicked This Way Comes, and was later the last backlot set at the Studio to be torn down, in July 1994.