100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, The (television)

100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, The (television) Television series on NBC, beginning with a two-hour pilot on March 31, 1991 and then airing from April 5 to May 26, 1991. Set on the Caribbean island of San Pietro, the story concerns the ghost of a 17th-century pirate who teams up with an exiled billionaire to save 100 lives as atonement for their wrongdoings. In the pilot episode, the unlikely crime-fighters set out to solve the mysterious disappearance of the island’s fishermen from a remote reef on which Black Jack’s treasure is buried. Stars Daniel Hugh Kelly (Barry Tarberry), Steven Williams (Black Jack Savage), Steve Hytner (Logan Murphy), Roma Downey (Danielle St. Claire), Bert Rosario (Abel Vasquez).