Your Ultimate Pride Month Watchlist

By Jessica Benda

We celebrate Pride year-round, but June is an extra special occasion! In honor of today’s Pride Month kickoff, we’ve assembled a watchlist perfect for Pride as you celebrate throughout the upcoming weeks.

In the cooking competition show Drag Me to Dinner, a team of two drag queens serve the panel of judges at a colorful table. It’s decorated with palm trees, parrots, and vibrant umbrellas.

If you like cooking competitions, watch… Drag Me to Dinner

Hungry for a fresh take on cooking competition shows? In each delightfully chaotic and hilarious episode, two teams of successful drag queens face off to see who can throw the most fabulous themed dinner parties! Each team will be judged on Food & Drink, Design & Decor, and Entertainment & Overall Vibe. There’s no shortage of star power on the judges panel either, which includes Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka, Bianca Del Rio, and Haneefah Wood, while dapper New York City legend Murray Hill hosts. Dinner is served!

Where to watch: Hulu

In High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, 13 characters stand as a group and smile for the camera. They stand on the grass outside at night. Among them is Corbin Bleu, who starred in the original High School Musical trilogy.

If you like musical numbers, watch… High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

This witty musical series brings viewers back to East High School where the series protagonists attend classes—and it’s also the filming location of Disney’s High School Musical. Like many Disney viewers, the stars of this mocumentary adore the series, so they set out to perform their own production. The first three seasons are already streaming on Disney+, and Season 4 is coming soon. Expect teenage hijinks, romances, and plenty of songs.

Where to watch: Disney+

In the animated series The Owl House, teenage Luz and witch Eda link arms and skip down the street. Eda, who has long white hair and wears a red dress and boots, grins and holds a scepter in the air. Luz, who has short brown hair and wears a T-shirt, looks faintly terrified. They’re skipping down the cobbled street of a market, with a shop called “Blessed Rocks” on the right and a stall called “Cursed Paintings” to the left.

If you like whimsical cartoons, watch… The Owl House

When teenage Luz stumbles upon a portal to a magical new world, she’s in for three seasons of adventures. She befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and signs on as her apprentice. With many well-rounded characters, The Owl House has often been lauded for its LGBTQIA+ representation.

Where to watch: Disney Channel, Disney+, Hulu (Premium)

If you like concerts, watch… Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium

Global music superstar and Disney Legend Sir Elton John performed his final North American show in 2022. Luckily for us, the historic concert was filmed so fans can watch it as many times as they like. As part of his farewell tour, the show featured special guests and dazzling performances. It’s a historic send-off to an LGBTQIA+ trailblazer.

Where to watch: Disney+, Hulu

In the series Love, Victor, Victor smiles inside his room. He has dark hair and wears an orange and black button-up shirt.

If you like coming-of-age stories, watch… Love, Victor

This three-season series follows high school student Victor, bright-eyed after a move from rural Texas to Atlanta. As a new student, surviving high school is hard enough, but now he sets out to navigate the newness of love and works toward understanding his own sexual identity. Set in the same world as the 2018 film, Love, Simon, the series presents an emotional yet humorous coming-of-age story.

Where to watch: Disney+, Hulu

If you like dramas, watch… Good Trouble

Season 5 of Freeform’s hit series aired earlier this year, so there’s plenty of episodes to enjoy this Pride Month. A spinoff of The Fosters, Good Trouble follows siblings Callie and Mariana as they move to Los Angeles and explore their lives as young adults. With plot twists, romance, and LGBTQIA+ representation, it delivers a riveting story while pushing for social justice and queer rights.

Where to watch: Hulu

In the series Modern Family, husbands Mitch and Cam embrace in front of their family. Mitch has red hair and wears a green sweater, while Cam wears a long-sleeve red and white button-up. They stand inside their home with a portrait of their family behind them.

If you like to laugh, watch… Modern Family

ABC’s iconic comedy series ran for 11 seasons for a reason. With a vibrant cast of characters, the mockumentary follows a three-household family going through life—and they’re far from cookie cutter. A large and always growing family is as chaotic and humorous as it sounds, but it only makes the emotional issues hit that much harder. True to its title, family remains at the heart of it all.

Where to watch: Hulu

If you like short films, watch… Out

Out is the charming seventh short in Pixar’s SparkShorts, a collection of individually produced shorts that approach filmmaking on a smaller scale. A young man named Greg is about to move away, but he hasn’t told his parents about his boyfriend Manuel. When Greg and his dog accidentally switch minds, he realizes that he might not want to keep his identity a secret after all.

Where to watch: Disney+

If you like romantic comedies, watch… Crush

This coming-of-age comedy follows high school student Paige Evans, who finds herself on the track team alongside her longtime crush, Gabby Campos. But as she and Gabby connect, she finds that her true match might be an unexpected teammate. 

Where to watch: Hulu