Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo Ho, A Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz from D23

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Avast! In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, we’re challenging you landlubbers to a test: Can ye really talk like a pirate? Take our Pirates of the Carribean quote quiz and find out for sure. Based on the script of the classic Disneyland attraction, your knowledge will determine whether you’re the captain of the ship—or if you’ll have to walk the plank!

1. Finish the quote: “Ye come seekin’ adventure and…”
A) Glittering treaure
B) Salty old pirates
C) Fame and fortune
D) Rough water

2. Finish the lyric: “We’re beggars and blighters and ne’er-do-well cads/Drink up me hearties, yo ho!/Aye, but we’re…”
A) Friendly and really not bad
B) Trendy beyond all the fads
C) The best of the traveling nomads
D) Loved by our mommies and dads

3. Finish the quote: “No fear have ye of…”
A) Cursed pirates
B) Wretched skeletons
C) Evil curses
D) Rough waters

4. Finish the quote: “Strike yer colors you…”
A) Bloomin’ cockroaches
B) Scurvy scum
C) Yellow-bellied knave
D) Stinkin’ bilge rat

5. Finish the quote: “Don’t tell him, Carlos, don’t be…”
A) Cheeky
B) Sneaky
C) Chicken
D) Childish

6. Which of these is NOT a way the pirates describe themselves in the lyrics to Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)?
A) Black Sheep
B) Really Bad Eggs
C) Scoundrels
D) Outcasts

7. Which isn’t a way the pirates in the jail cell refer to the dog with the keys?
A) A good lad
B) Scrawny little beast
C) Mangy mutt
D) Old fleabag

8. Finish the quote: “A toast to piracy, and its…”
A) Promise of adventure
B) Many shiny rewards
C) New horizons
D) Piles of treasure

9. Which of these sayings does the parrot at the end of the attraction NOT say?
A) Batten down the hatches!
B) Walk the plank!
C) Shiver me feathers!
D) Dead men tell no tales!

Correct Answers:

1. B, Salty old pirates
2. D, Loved by our mommies and dads
3. C, Evil curses
4. A, Bloomin’ cockroaches
5. C, Chicken
6. D, Outcasts
7. D, Old fleabag
8. C, Many shiny rewards
9. A, Batten down the hat

If you got…

Belay that talk! Ye know nothing of the ways of pirate speak. Best be readin’ up on the jargon or it’ll be the plank with you!

Ye know something about piracy, we reckon… enough to swab the deck! If ye plan on risin’ through the ranks, best take the quiz again and see if yer knowledge improved.

Now ye be sailing! Batten down the hatches, because there’s still rough waters ahead for you… Perhaps ye can navigate them, but we reckon you’ll need to brush up on yer knowledge.

Avast! Pirate speak comes naturally to ya, does it? Ye’d almost pass fer a perfect pirate. Aye, we’d let you on our crew… If you brought enough treasure with ya!

Ahoy! We be lookin’ for a crew on our next adventure, and ye seem to have the knowledge we need. Yer mastery of the pirate-y phrase will surely keep any scurvy scum away from our treasure.

There should be a “Captain” somewhere in your name, we reckon, with yer knowledge of pirate speak! Ye’ll be sailin’ to treasure soon, and if ye are in search of a crew, we’d like to come aboard and join ya.