Pollyanna is Released

On this day in 1960, movie audiences saw Pollyanna for the first time, presumably through rose-colored glasses. That’s because the term “Pollyanna,” refers to someone who finds cause for optimism in the most difficult situations, just as did the title character of the 1913 book written by Eleanor H. Porter. In book form, Pollyanna found great success, but in Disney’s film version, Pollyanna took the world by storm once again, largely due to the film’s star, Hayley Mills. Pollyanna jump-started Hayley’s Disney career, and it was followed by starring roles in The Parent Trap, In Search of the Castaways, Summer Magic, The Moonspinners, and That Darn Cat. Met with great critical acclaim, Hayley took home the Oscar® for Outstanding Juvenile Performance, however, even if she had lost, Hayley probably would have found gladness knowing that somebody else won the award.