Tales from the Twi’lek Track List – Stream Gaya on May the 4th

By Peyton Liebler

Dazzling star. Galactic icon. No matter how hard we try, it’s apparent there will never be enough words to describe the experience and glory that is… Gaya. And starting May 4, fans across the galaxy will be able to stream her music through the holonet for the first time ever.

Whether it’s through an encrypted datapad or maybe your trusty astromech droid, prepare to soar on the melody and majesty of the “Rockstar Queen of Ryloth” and her symphonic stylings. Honored guests of the Halcyon starcruiser have already been treated to her vocal prowess during their journeys, but never before has anyone been able to enjoy her discography from the comfort of their own space.

Starting May the 4th, dedicated members of Gaya’s crew will be able to listen to Gaya’s music, featuring these highly anticipated intergalactic anthems on a track list like no other:

To celebrate this rockstar release, we’re diving into the track list and giving you the scoop on Gaya and just a few of the enthralling stories of style, power, and love told through her incredible songs. Get your hands off those hyperspace controls because we’re taking it low and slow—sublight style.

  • “New World”
  • “Gaya!”
  • “Hayananeya”
  • “Coaxium”
  • “Poverty of Love”
  • “Rockstar Queen”
  • “Rah Rah Rah” ft. Cassus Yissik
  • “Far From Home” ft. Rebel Bass
  • “Stargate Swing” ft. Lucky Ferrariss
  • “Starlight” ft. Funky Futurists
  • “Nesh Godo” ft. Barūbarū

“Welcome to the New World”
What better song to open with on the Halcyon? “Welcome to the New World” embraces the mystery and magic of new horizons and the connections we all share across the galaxy. Through this song, Gaya creates a powerful connection with her audience. It is both an introduction to and an invitation to join her in… a new world—her world.

Gaya makes no secret of her past. She is proud of her roots in the underground and what she’s achieved on her meteoric rise. This may be her namesake song, but hearing her name echo across the galaxy is not about her own fame and fortune. “Gaya!” is a celebration of knowing what you want, facing challenges to get it, and fighting for what you believe.

“Hayananeya” refers to one of Ryloth’s sacred “singing stones.” Twi’lek legend holds that the songs of these stones were intoned to the vibrations of the galaxy itself, and that they held mystical powers of navigation. The singing stones have long been lost to Ryloth’s turbulent history of invasion and occupation. In this powerful anthem, Gaya hears the song of the Hayananeya stone and calls out to it, wishing for its return to its rightful home of Ryloth.

While on its surface, it might seem like a song about the fuel that enables hyperspace travel, at its core “Coaxium” is truly about power: who has it, how it’s leveraged, and the ability of power to bring freedom and take you anywhere in life.

“Poverty of Love”
A deeply meaningful song to Gaya, “Poverty of Love” is an intimate look into the shadows just behind the dazzling light of a superstar. From the top, you can see everything—and remember what was lost on the way up.

“Rockstar Queen”
When this song hit the holonet, it took the galaxy by solar storm. A dance craze was born—the Ryloth Slide—that’s easy to learn and hard to resist. No matter how you get around—feet, wheels, or tentacles—“Rockstar Queen” will get you moving. You know you’re a rockstar…now it’s time to show the galaxy.

“Oola Shuka”
Written in Gaya’s native tongue, “Oola Shuka” celebrates her Twi’lek culture. It translates to “Free Yourself,” in a fusion of rhythmic stylings with diverse voices and languages from across the galaxy. It’s a hypersonic hit heard in cantinas from the core worlds to the Outer Rim! If you’re wondering where you’ve heard it before, it’s a favorite of DJ R-3X at Oga’s Cantina in Black Spire Outpost!

Gaya has faced her share of tribulation and ambition. Her experiences spark tremendous depth in her songs and ground them all in the honesty and gravity of her personal history. Truth be told, Gaya wants nothing more than to bring hope to her people. And by association, her music gives hope to anyone across the galaxy looking to make their mark and become the master of their own interstellar destiny.

Don’t forget to stream Gaya starting May the 4th. And to see her incredible performance for yourself, find out how you can live your adventure aboard the Halcyon at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go sing our lekku off to “Poverty of Love”!