QUIZ: Can You Ace This Pinocchio Two Truths and a Lie-Inspired Trivia Quiz?

By Savannah Salazar Eighty years ago, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio opened in theaters—dazzling audiences with innovative animation, infectious songs, and a whole new slew of lovable characters. One of those characters was a little puppet with a big dream and a knack for telling the occasional white lie, so in true Pinocchio fashion, we want to …

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Disney QUIZney

Play Along—And Possibly Win Prizes!—with Disney QUIZney

By Karina Schink We know you think your Disney trivia knowledge can “go the distance,” but starting on Monday, July 16, you can play along and test your knowledge with Disney QUIZney a groundbreaking, multiplatform interactive trivia show. Starting Monday, July 16 (9-9:07 p.m. EDT/6-6:07 p.m. PDT) for 10 weeknights, you and your family can watch …

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Toy Story

Does Your Knowledge of Pixar Go All the Way to Infinity and Beyond?

By Megan Deppe Back in 1995, Pixar introduced us to a world where toys can talk and move. Since then, we’ve seen bugs create ingenius inventions, rats prepare delicious dishes in a world-class restaurant, and robots fall blissfully in love; and we’ve accompanied a young musician on an incredible journey to the Land of the …

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Dave Smith

Dave Smith’s New Book Spotlights Fans’ Burning Questions

By Steven Vagnini Since starting his “Ask Dave” question-and-answer column in the early 1980s, Disney Legend and Walt Disney Archives founder Dave Smith has answered thousands of burning questions from Disney fans all over the world. In 2012, a collection of these answers was published in a book—Disney Trivia from the Vault—and just this month, …

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