Goal! The Dream Begins

Our Top 7 Winning Disney Soccer Moments

By Karina Schink

The first leg of the World Cup is over! Hopefully your team made it through, but regardless of the outcome, there’s always a Disney team to root for! Here are some of our top Disney soccer highlights.

1. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
This Disney Channel Original Movie premiered in 2006 and introduced us to Wendy Wu (played by Brenda Song),…

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The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks: Still Mighty 25 Years After its Debut!

By Megan Deppe

The Mighty Ducks skated into theaters on October 2, 1992, with the story of a super-competitive trial lawyer who ends up coaching a ragtag peewee hockey team. The film inspired two sequels, not to mention Disney’s first foray into professional sports. In honor of the film’s 25th anniversary this week, we sat down for a viewing of the heartwarming…

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still from cartoon How to Play Football featuring Goofy

Let Goofy Teach You How to Play Football

Whether they’re rooting for the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks, or are just excited to see this year’s crop of commercials, millions of Americans will gather together around their flat-screen televisions next Sunday, February 1, to watch the Super Bowl. To help you get geared up for the big game, D23 is excited to share with you Goofy’s “educational” short,…

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Star Wars College Sports Tshirts

Star Wars Meets College Sports in New Apparel Line

Whether a member of an undefeated empire or part of a rebel alliance, collegiate sports fans know what it means to be part of a legacy. Now college sports fans can celebrate their school pride with the power of the Force by sporting a new collection of apparel and accessories, which features iconic designs from the Star Wars saga.
Everything you need for an…

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Walt Disney playing baseball

Walt at the Bat: Watch This Video About Disney’s Baseball Legacy

Certainly a believer in baseball’s inherent benefits, Walt Disney was a big fan of the sport as a spectator and even as a player. Walt often join his employees in friendly games at the old Hyperion Studios in Los Angeles. Over time Disney has celebrated baseball in its films, parks, and more.

The Top Nine Disney Sports Movies (That Aren’t Really About…

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The Top Nine Disney Sports Movies (That Aren’t Really About Sports)

Sports can often be a metaphor for life . . .
. . . highlighting hard work, overcoming adversity, and celebrating achievement (as well as enduring the occasional “agony of defeat”). To that end, movies about sports aren’t usually “about sports”—they’re frequently about these much bigger ideas that tie us all together as humans. And sometimes, for instance, if it…

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D23 Exclusive: Jon Hamm’s Million Dollar Disney Magic

Jon Hamm steps out from behind his swanky Mad Men desk and steps up to the plate in his new Disney film, Million Dollar Arm. In this inspiring film that’s based on a true story, Hamm takes on the role of sports agent JB Bernstein.

Walt at the Bat: Watch This Video About Disney’s Baseball Legacy ►

In a last-ditch effort to save his career, JB stakes everything…

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Disney Anaheim Angels Winning 2002 Championships

Disneyland Salutes 2002 Baseball World Champions the Anaheim Angels

After many sports championships, athletes are often asked, “What are you going to do next?” and quite often that answer is,
“I’m going to Disneyland!”
So after the Anaheim Angels won their first World Series championship, on this day in 2002, the whole team did just that. Jackie Autry, the widow of the team’s founder, Gene Autry, rode in the parade alongside Minnie…

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