Bagheera and Mowgli

7 “Are You Sure This Is A Movie?” Moments from The Jungle Book

by Andrew Santelli “What do you mean, hippos don’t dance ballet?” “You’re saying mice and birds can’t make ball gowns overnight? Crazy talk!” Some of our favorite Disney classics require suspension of disbelief—a willingness to go along with a storyteller—in order to fully enjoy a cinematic experience. But in The Jungle Book, making this imaginative …

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Mowgli and Sheir Kahn

Character Close-Up: The Jungle Book’s Mowgli and Shere Khan

By Nicole Nalty The struggle between good and evil is at the core of many great stories, and The Jungle Book, in theaters April 15, is no exception. Shere Khan, an intimidating tiger, seeks revenge on mankind and plans to act out this revenge on Mowgli, a young boy living in the jungle. In a …

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