#TheWishEffect was Transformational for this Budding Animator

By Beth Deitchman

As so many of our favorite Disney films have demonstrated, a wish is a powerful thing. And Disney’s new video series proves “The Wish Effect” is very real. For children with critical illnesses, a wish can bring hope, strength, and joy, so they can forget about treatment and just be a kid. And as you’ll discover in “The Wish Effect,”…

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Hanukkah Hijinks from Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter

Daveed Diggs and Disney Channel Want a “Puppy for Hanukkah”
If you read these News Briefs with any regularity, you know we A) love Broadway’s Hamilton (and musical theater in general), B) delight over adorable puppies, and C) obsess about any and all holidays. So you can imagine our insane excitement when we found out those three things…

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news briefs 11/7

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas and #ShareYourEars—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter

There’s a partridge in Freeform’s proverbial pear tree, and Disney fans are invited to #ShareYourEars for Make-A-Wish… Read more, along with other news from around Disney, in this week’s news briefs!

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas—Coming Soon!

It’s true—Halloween was only last week, and we’re still finishing up some…

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