Glen Keane

An Enchanting Afternoon with Disney Legend Glen Keane

By Nicole Nalty

A mermaid. A beast. A street rat. A dreamer. Some of Disney’s most beloved characters come from the hands of Disney Legend Glen Keane, which is why it was such an honor for D23 Gold Members to spend an afternoon with the incredible animator.

D23 Gold Members gathered on the historic Walt Disney Studios lot to enjoy a three-course lunch with…

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Glen Keane and Andreas Deja

Five Fascinating Facts From Beauty and the Beast’s Animators

By Courtney Potter

We here at D23 love Beauty and the Beast! And what’s not to enjoy, right? The charming love story; the fantastic music; the colorful, memorable (not to mention technologically advanced) animation… But just when we thought we knew all there was to know about Belle, Beast, Gaston, and all their cohorts, we were privy to a recent, very special…

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: Journey to a Classic

By Jim Fanning

A beastly leading man, a bookworm princess, a brittle brood of supporting characters in a story confined to a dark castle. These unlikely elements make up one of the most well-known yet unlikely fairy tales ever—and only the magic of Disney animation could bring it to the screen with such unforgettable enchantment. As Beauty and the Beast (1991)…

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Beast concept art

Animating Beast

How Disney Legend Glen Keane found the beauty in animating Beast in Beauty and the Beast. For more fun Beauty and the Beast stories and activities, click here.

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Disney Legends Award Ceremony

Eight Honored as 2013 Disney Legends

Thousands of Disney’s most loyal and passionate fans were live witnesses to history on Saturday afternoon at the Anaheim Convention Center as The Walt Disney Company honored the eight newest inductees into the prestigious circle of Disney Legends.

Tony Baxter. Collin Campbell. Dick Clark. Billy Crystal. John Goodman. Steve Jobs. Glen Keane. Ed Wynn. These…

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