Rhythm & Rhyme art exhibit

Step Inside Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Latest Exhibit

By Courtney Potter Inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, a gleaming white hallway and rotunda welcome the crew into a building where the likes of Frozen and Zootopia took shape. Since the building’s remodel in 2016, this particular space has been used to display artwork from an animated film currently in production… but …

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Fun and Fancy Free

Did You Know? 10 Fascinating Facts about Fun and Fancy Free

By Jim Fanning A circus bear, a crooning cricket, and a certain Mouse are the leading animated luminaries in Walt Disney’s Fun and Fancy Free. Released 70 years ago today, this unique mélange of song, stars, and cartoon favorites was one of Walt’s “package features”—post-World War II animated features made from “packaging” together shorter featurettes. …

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