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5 Fantastic Things to Watch this Weekend

By Zach Johnson Consider your weekend plans set! Disney+ is adding Garfield: The Movie (2004) to its ever-growing library on Friday, and we’ll be celebrating the 35th anniversary of Flight of the Navigator that same day by watching it on the streaming service. Disney’s Jungle Cruise also releases Friday in theaters and on Disney+ with …

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8 “Hidden Gem” Disney Films You Need to Check Out on Disney+

By Jocelyn Buhlman Since Disney+ is a treasure trove of Disney content available for streaming, now is your chance to discover the “hidden gems” of Disney’s filmography—meaning, the fun and unique Disney films that you might not have in your current collection. Discover new favorites (or track down that one wacky film you haven’t had …

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Flight of the Navigator

Did You Know? Surprising Facts From the Cult Favorite Flight of the Navigator

By Greg Ehrbar Zooming into its 30th anniversary on July 30, Flight of the Navigator is a sci-fi adventure with a loyal legion of fans in its orbit. It starts with every kid’s nightmare—waking up in a strangely altered reality, then morphs into an awesome kid’s dream-come-true—piloting a spacecraft with a goofball robotic sidekick. Director …

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