Unraveling Pluto’s Sweater

Film Historian and Author J.B. Kaufman (Pinocchio: The Making of the Disney Epic) makes the Dog Days of Summer a little cooler with his look back at the making of the 1949 short Pluto’s Sweater.

Recently, in the course of some other research, I made an interesting Pluto discovery. Pluto’s Sweater (1949), one of dozens of Pluto shorts released during the 1940s,…

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Pluto standing at attention

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Walt Disney’s Pluto

An authentic dog star in the Disney galaxy, Pluto has been “best in show” ever since he first sniffed out stardom in 1930. Walt was inspired to create Disney’s top dog by remembering the personable pooches he met while living on the farm in his childhood home of Marceline, Missouri. Ever since Pluto has, as Walt put it, been “working hard and trying, but…

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Feast Your Eyes on Winston the Dog

These “Dog Days of Summer” have inspired us to think about some of our favorite Disney dogs—whether live-action (The Shaggy Dog), animated (Pluto), or even Audio-Animatronic® (we love that pup holding the prison keys in his mouth inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland!). Disney’s latest captivating canine is Winston, the star of the Walt Disney…

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Photo of Walt Elias Disney and Duchess Disney his Standard Poodle

Emily, Selden, New York

The puppy in the hatbox was a chow named Sunnee—we are not aware of who named her. The Disney family had Sunnee for a number of years, though in the 1940s they got a large poodle named Duchess Disney.

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Scene from Disney film Shaggy Dog

Disney’s Decades of Work with American Humane Association

D23 takes a look back at 75 years of a shared commitment to humane treatment of animals in filmed entertainment. For more information on the American Humane Association, and to take a pledge to be kind to animals, check out their Kindness 100 page!

Click on an image below to see a larger version of the timeline!

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Disney Fans to the Rescue: D23 Members’ Adopted Dogs

In Lady and the Tramp, we see the plight of dogs at the pound waiting for loving homes. Last week, we found out that D23 Members are the pup-parents of a whole host of rescued dogs, and maybe it’s because they saw Peg and the gang in the pound! To celebrate D23 Fanniversary Home Edition this weekend, here are some of our members’ doggone cutest adopted pets.


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Winston in Disney Animated Film Feast

Director Patrick Osborne Talks About the Latest Disney Dog in Feast

As Winston joins the dogs of Disney past (and future), director Patrick Osborne reflects on the influences of what’s come before. “There’s this idea of a story that can be told through pantomime, that doesn’t need the words at all,” he continues. “It’s all part of a Disney tradition: You can show it to people and they can connect to it in any language.”

Q&A with the…

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Dog with a Blog cast

Dog With A Blog Cast Members Reveal Their Favorite Disney Dogs

In celebration of American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month and to give our Disney dog friends some special attention,
D23 is paying tribute to Disney dogs all October.
And now that Disney Channel’s Dog With a Blog is back for season three, we thought it would be the perfect time to pair up the stars of the show with their favorite Disney dogs. D23 asked the…

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Photo of a D23 Member dog and Pluto doll

See D23 Members’ Disney-Fan Doggies

Remi, from Modesto, California, lives with Cesilie Szabo.

We’ve kicked off American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog Month with a Pluto website-takeover and canine-themed articles, but it wouldn’t be complete without a look at all of the dogs that D23 Members hold near and dear to their hearts. Who knew that so many of your pets were Disney fans too?

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