news briefs 17-Apr

Save the Date for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter

Mark your calendars for some Disney wedding delight, and catch a sneak peek at the new Disney•Pixar short Bao… Read more, along with other news from around Disney, in this week’s news briefs!

It’s a Summer of Love with Freeform’s Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Freeform requests the pleasure of your company on Monday, June 11,…

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Mickey Mouse Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

Mickey Wedding Moments You Need to See

By Nicole Nalty

As we get ready to celebrate Mickey’s big day on November 18, we’ve been thinking about the ways that Mickey helps us celebrate our special moments (share yours here!)

Our friends at Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings go above and beyond for their couples, but there’s a special magic that only Mickey Mouse can muster to make an extraordinary…

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Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

11 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Get Married at Epcot

By Courtney Potter

Imagine committing to the love of your life amidst the allure of “Venice, the City of Love.” Or exchanging vows in a serene Japanese courtyard, surrounded by shady maple trees. Or even walking down a cobblestone aisle, in front of friends and family, in the middle of a colorful Bavarian village. With Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings—a division…

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