She’s Got A Dream

The worlds of Disney are wonderfully vast and home to a delightful variety of creatures, critters, heroes and princesses. And whether princess or frog, they share one important thing: They’ve all got a dream, whether they know it… or not. But that dream—and how they go about achieving it—is something that makes each of them uniquely them.


Rapunzel, of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Tangled, knows what her dream is, as she sings with the Pub Thugs in “I’ve Got a Dream”: It’s to see the floating lanterns gleam… which, of course, leads the princess on a journey towards discovering who she really is. Rapunzel also knows, however, that dreams don’t come after a princess—the dreamer has to go after the dream in order to achieve it.


Having had a lot of time for dreaming in her tower, Rapunzel only wonders “When Will My Life Begin?” for so long before taking that first adventurous leap to turning her dreams and ambitions into reality. And her can-do attitude is contagious—she doesn’t stop at being the architect of her own dream, she inspires even malicious Pub Thugs to find their personal passions, whether that’s music, the search for true love, or baking cupcakes.

Each of the Disney Princesses has dreams and ambitions, whether it’s Merida’s desire to break with tradition and make her mark as a great archer, or Tiana’s determination to own her own restaurant.


What people love about the Disney Princesses are their incredible stories and the qualities that help them achieve their dreams. Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign puts those great stories and qualities front and center and marries them with those of real-life young girls to inspire and encourage kids around the world to dream big.

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