The characters from Big Hero 6 pose together. Wasabi is pointing his finger in the air while wearing a green sweater with a yellow stripe in the middle of it, gray pants, black boots, and a yellow headband. Honey Lemon is holding up peace signs while wearing a yellow shirt, yellow jacket, yellow headband, white pants, and yellow heels. Hiro Hamada is wearing an orange shirt, blue jacket, beige pants, and gray high-top sneakers with yellow shoelaces. Baymax holds a red lollipop in a transparent square wrapper. GoGo Tomago is squatting while blowing bubbles with gum and wearing a gray cropped jacket on top of a white shirt, gray pants, and black sneakers. Fred is holding both his hands up in fists while smiling and wearing a white long sleeve shirt under a red short sleeve shirt, green cargo shorts, white high-top sneakers, and a green hat.

QUIZ: Which Big Hero 6 Character Are You Most Like?

By Emily Hewitt

While all the characters from Big Hero 6 have both brains and awesome super armor, each one has their own unique skills, strengths, and personalities. In honor of San Fransokyo Square opening at Disney California Adventure Park on Thursday, August 31, see which Big Hero 6 character you are most like by taking the quiz below.

Which superpower would you rather have?

What is your most formidable skill?

What would you most like to invent?

How are you most helpful to people around you?

What kind of student are you?

How do you come off to others?

What holds you back most?

What color do you like wearing the most?

Quiz: Which Big Hero 6 Character Are You Most Like?
Hiro Hamada

Hiro Hamada, from Big Hero 6, is in his purple super armor with red stripes that has two antennas sticking out of his helmet. He stares forward in awe while he hangs onto Baymax’s back and a flash of light comes from behind him.

You are most like Hiro Hamada. You are a brainy whiz at school who might have graduated early or been an overachiever. Your biggest skill is computer engineering and you are capable of building microbots or super armor for your friends with ease. In your spare time you like to construct robots and fight them against each other. Although you might doubt yourself, your inventions are epic.

Baymax, from Big Hero 6, stands in a concrete room with several objects around him including a soccer ball, robotic hand, blue machine, caution sign, cardboard box, and several other unidentified tools.

You are most like Baymax. You are more than likely to help someone by comforting them, healing them, or listening to their feelings. You are great at doing a deep dive for information on the web and want to learn as much as you can about a topic. Although you need to recharge your battery a lot, you are as sweet as can be.
GoGo Tomago

GoGo Tomago, from Big Hero 6: The Series, is in her yellow super armor with an angry look on her face as she runs forward. There is a person behind her with green upper body armor on, blue pants, and a gray cylinder at the end of his leg.

You are most like GoGo Tomago. You have an edge to you and can sometimes be guarded but are extremely honest. If you could have any superpower, it would be to move on wheels, and you would be a pro at making an ultra-fast bike given your mechanical engineering skills.

Fred, from Big Hero 6, is wearing a white long sleeve shirt under a red short sleeve shirt, green cargo shorts, white high-top sneakers, and a green hat while he sits in Baymax’s lap. To the left of them is a bookshelf with books on the top shelf, blue arm weights on the bottom shelf, and three drawers under the shelves with the top drawer pulled out. To the right of them is a gray light.

You are most like Fred. With such an extreme passion for lizards—to the point of wanting to become a fire breathing one!—and a love for researching your interests outside of school, you are most like this fun-loving character. Although you can sometimes be unmotivated to put your knowledge into action, your calm energy radiates and balances out your friend group.