Quiz: Which Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Character Are You?

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Take our quiz and you will see where you belong in the town of Halloween…

How do you spend your Halloween?

You’re at a Halloween party—what are you doing?

Which is your favorite song from Nightmare?

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your must-have Halloween accessory?

Choose a spooky Disney movie

Choose a Disney holiday movie

What’s one thing you must do during Halloween Time at Disney parks?

Pick a Halloween costume:

Pick a spooky Disney attraction to ride

Which Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Character Are You?

What’s this? Why, you’re just like the Pumpkin King himself: A natural born leader with a unique sense of style, your friends count on you to plan a screaming good time. Sometimes you get tired of the same old thing, but with your creative mind and sense of adventure, you always find a new way to have a good time.

Just like Sally, if you spend too much time cooped up, you start coming apart at the seams! You have a strong independent streak and would rather help others than be told what to do. You can come across as a little shy, but we know that you’re sew much more than you first appear.

Uh-oh… It looks like you’re more tricks than treats—just like the Oogie Boogie Man! You’ve got big plans and a vision, and perhaps a loyal trio of trick-or-treaters to do your spooky bidding. You love games and tricks more than anything—which is why Halloween time is the perfect season for you!
Lock, Shock, and Barrel

You’d fit right in with this trio of trick-or-treaters. You’re mischievous and love causing shenanigans with your friends—especially if you all coordinate your costumes. While you may come across as a little devious, behind the mask you’re just a silly kid who loves spooky fun.

You’re like the cutest character of them all—Zero! You’re loyal and fun and ready to lead your friends to success (Although most likely not by leading a pack of skeleton reindeer… Well, you never know.). From your lovable appearance to your reliable personality, your friends can always count on you for a doggone good time!