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Only Saturday Morning Cartoon Aficionados Will Beat This Quiz

By D23 Team

From singing along to the theme songs, to planting ourselves on the couch at the same time every week, and dressing up as your favorite characters, we all have a connection to those classic Saturday morning Disney cartoons such as Kim Possible and Recess.

Now it’s time to prove that your love for these beloved animated series goes above and beyond. So, what’s the sitch? Show us your Saturday morning trivia chops in the quiz below!

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1. What was the name of the uni-browed, self-proclaimed monarch of Third Street School?
A) St. Olaf
B) King Bob
C) Duke Bob
D) Earl of Third Street

2. Which intergalactic hero lent their voice to a special guest character on Recess?
A) Neil Armstrong
B) Sally Ride
C) Buzz Aldrin
D) Scott Kelly

3. This series, which debuted in 1997, was inspired by what?
A) An article from a teen magazine
B) The childhood of creator Sue Rose
C) A series of book from the 1980s
D) Workshops held at several after-school clubs in New York City

4. Where do Pepper Ann and friends go to class every day?
A) Walnut Middle School
B) Chestnut Middle School
C) Pecan Ave Middle School
D) Hazelnut Middle School

5. What Disney classic inspired the 2004 Teacher’s Pet animated musical film?  
A) Pinocchio
B) Sleeping Beauty
C) Peter Pan
D) Fantasia

6. What Beauty and the Beast (1991) voice actor guest starred on an episode of Teacher’s Pet?
A) Paige O’Hara
B) Angela Lansbury
C) David Ogden Stiers
D) Jerry Orbach

7. What other famed Disney heroine did Kim Possible actress, Christy Carlson Romano play on Broadway?
A) Jasmine
B) Ariel
C) Elsa
D) Belle

8. What groundbreaking achievement did Kim Possible: So The Drama claim?
A) Broke box office records for an animated feature
B) Was the first Disney Channel Original Movie
C) Was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie
D) Was the first time a DCOM movie featured an original song

9. Who sang the Kim Possible theme song? 
A) Kathleen Wilhoite
B) Destiny’s Child
C) Christina Milian
D) Angie Jaree

10. What two powerhouses collaborated for the first time in 2014, a partnership that continues with the acclaimed animated series of the same name?
A) Marvel and Walt Disney Animation Studios
B) ESPN and Marvel
C) Pixar and The Walt Disney Company
D) Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Animation Studios

Correct Answers:

1. B, King Bob
2. C, Buzz Aldrin
3. B, The childhood of creator Sue Rose
4. D, Hazelnut Middle School
5. A, Pinocchio
6. C, David Ogden Stiers
7. D, Belle
8. C, Was the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie
9. C, Christina Milian
10. A, Marvel and Walt Disney Animation Studios

If you got…

Oh no! Looks like you’re still new to Saturday morning cartoons. Don’t worry! That’s just the perfect excuse to go back and rewatch until you can come back and be a champ.

Alright, you’re almost there! Maybe it’s time for a bit of a refresher course because there’s still a bit to learn!

It looks like there were a couple tough ones that slipped you up in there, but you’ve got a fair amount of cartoon knowhow up your sleeve!

You’re so close! Don’t worry, you’re still an a top Saturday morning cartoon fan, and we definitely think you’ve proven yourself.

We don’t need to ask you, “What’s the sitch?” because you clearly know! Pat yourself on the back, because you are the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon quiz whiz!