Create Minnie Mouse Mini Grapevine Wreaths

What’s the world’s most fashionable mouse up to this holiday season? Why, Minnie’s making mini wreaths, of course—and now you can, too! Hang these adorable little wreaths in a window; on a tree (like an ornament); or even on your bedroom door. Make a few extra to give to friends and family as gifts. (Our tip: Decorate and enjoy a few extra cookies… just because!)

Frosting, green (or other desired color)
Frosting spatula or butter knife
Cutout Christmas cookies, baked and ready to decorate
Miniature marshmallows, colored sprinkles, or other edible decorations
1½-inch-wide wire-edge ribbon, red-and-white polka dot, 1 yard for each wreath
Pipe cleaners, brown or red
Craft glue
Grapevine wreaths, 6–8-inch diameter (found at your local craft store)
4-inch-long wooden dowels, ¼-inch diameter

  1. Spread the colored frosting on the cookie with the spatula or knife. Push the mini marshmallows or other large decorations into the frosting. If you like, shake on the colored sprinkles (or other edible decorations), as well. Let the frosting harden.
  1. Take your yard of ribbon and tie it into a bow with long tails. Slide a pipe cleaner through the back of the bow. Place the bow on a wreath, and secure it by twisting the pipe cleaner ends around the vines. Twist the ribbon tails into pretty “swags,” as shown in the picture, and glue the ends to the wreath.
  1. Glue a dowel to the back of the cookie, leaving about 1 inch of dowel extending below the cookie. Apply glue to the extending dowel. Place the cookie on the wreath, inserting the dowel between the vines. Let the glue dry.

+ Use scissors to cut up a dozen (or more) “mini-bows”—instead of one large one—and attach them all around the wreath.
+ Using wire or pipe cleaners, attach small, wrapped lollipops or other candy to the wreath.
+ Use air-dry clay instead of cookie dough to make long-lasting decorations. Roll out the dough and cut out shapes using your favorite holiday cookie cutters. Let the clay dry, and then decorate it with acrylic or puff paint and beads, sequins, or other festive trims.

NOTES: Cutting should be done by an adult. If using a knife to spread frosting, please use caution—or have an adult complete the task.