Holiday Recipes and Crafts from Disney Family

In addition to our fun holiday recipes and crafts, our friends at Disney Family have offered up some festive holiday recipes and crafts from their own collection. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Mickey Paper Wreath

Brighten up your home this Christmas with this beautiful wreath that you can customize too look just the way you like. Build it for yourself or someone special this holiday.
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Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies

What’s better during the holiday season than a tasty gingerbread cookie? A gingerbread cookie shaped like everyone’s favorite mouse.
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Lumiere’s Christmas Candle Cupcakes

Come Christmastime, even Lumiere has company. That’s because it takes a lot of candles to properly light up the Beast’s castle for the holidays. Inspired by the enchanted candlestick holder and his bright mantle-top guests, these festive cupcake candles are lit with candy flames.
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From Disney’s BoardWalk at Walt Disney World Resort, the chefs are busy in the kitchen creating delectable Italian dishes like this classic tiramisù with the familiar flavor of coffee and rich mascarpone cream. Tiramisù may look complicated, but it’s relatively easy to create a dessert that will make you look like a pro.
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Olaf Ornament

You’ll melt for this adorable DIY decoration inspired by the snowman who loves summer.
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