2020 D23 Member Gift map

Explore More Details and Locations on The D23 Fantastic Worlds Map

By the D23 Team

Our 2020 Gold Member Gift is all about discovering the fantastic worlds of Disney—but how will you know where to adventure first? Why, with the spectacular D23 Fantastic Worlds Map, of course! You can have your own 24-by-36-inch map, which was designed by Disney artist Bryan Mon, as part of the 2020 Gold Member Gift when you join or renew a D23 Gold Membership.

If you can’t wait to start planning your next dream Disney adventure, we’re sharing close-up looks at parts of the map throughout the year. Check out last month’s peak at a futuristic section of the map here and then take a look at our next section of the map, a magical metropolis full of your favorites!

Five details to find:

  1. S.S. Columbia, Tokyo DisneySea
  2. Benny the Cab, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  3. Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin, DuckTales
  4. The South Seas Club, The Rocketeer
  5. Flubberized Model T, The Absent-Minded Professor

Click on the image below to take a closer look!
2020 D23 Member Gift map