Concept Art for Justice Ducks

A Disney Afternoon Show That Almost Was

Check out this awesome concept art for a never-produced show called Justice Ducks, a “duck” spin-off using the characters Darkwing Duck and Gizmo Duck from the series’ Darkwing Duck and Duck Tales.

That’s right. Look out Avengers.

There was almost another group of super heroes that would have protected all of humanity… or, in this case, the Earth’s dogs, ducks, and chickens.

The concept art for this never-produced Disney Television Animation series recently surfaced in the Disney archives—found in a folder marked “pitch.”

Along with the art was a document (shown below) that notes some of the ideas for the characters in the proposed series. The newly formed crime-fighting duo—Darkwing and Gizmo—could have fought crime with three more super ducks, including the pliable poultry Rubber Chicken, and they would have take on evil villains on a “planetary scale” such as the evil Quackerjack.

Justice Ducks Script