Learn How Not To Draw Mickey Mouse in This All-New Short

By the D23 Team

Calling all aspiring artists! If you’ve ever wondered how to draw our favorite Leader of the Club, we have just the video for you… Well, we have just the video for you to learn how not to draw him, anyway.

The “How NOT To Draw” series features animated shorts parodying drawing tutorials in order to bring beloved Disney characters to life… and those characters bring CHAOS! On Saturday, January 28, you can watch the newest short in the series: “How NOT To Draw Mickey Mouse” on Disney Channel, Disney Channel YouTube, and DisneyNOW. Starring Chris Diamantopoulos and Kaitlyn Robrock as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and Zeno Robinson as the animator, the short depicts what happens when you draw Mickey—and the challenges that come with a mischievous mouse taking over your art project.

Don’t want to wait until Saturday to watch it? Well, our friends at Disney Channel have a special treat, exclusive to D23—you can watch the short right here, right now! Check it out below and take your newfound artistic knowledge on to your next adventure: