In a scene from National Geographic’s America the Beautiful on Disney+, an oak toad takes cover from predators, such as a garter snake, inside a snail shell.

Awe-Inspiring Photos from National Geographic’s America the Beautiful

By Zach Johnson

America the Beautiful is an apt title for National Geographic’s six-episode Disney+ Original series, premiering Monday, July 4. From the award-winning producers of Frozen Planet, Planet Earth, and the Disneynature films, the docuseries, narrated by Michael B. Jordan, tells the incredible story of North America and its amazing animals.

North America is the most diverse and extreme continent on Earth—the only place, in fact, that includes every landscape. America the Beautiful journeys through the continent’s most spectacular regions: the mountainous Northwest, the steamy South, the arid West, and the endless Heartland. No matter the landscape, there’s an animal who can make it a home. Indeed, the animals of North America have what it takes to overcome the elements and thrive. The sixth episode, titled “Waterland,” introduces the human heroes fighting to preserve wildlife and wild places for generations to come.

Before you take in the majesty of America the Beautiful, enjoy a curated gallery from each episode of the series, which includes photography by Karine Aigner, Neil Anderson, Maddie Close, Chema Domenech, James Evans, Austin Ferguson, Phoebe Fitz, James Frystak, Connor Gallagher, Taylor Gray, Nick Hawkins, Stephen Kirkpatrick, Maaike Middleton, Ty Schmitt, Andrew Studer, and Andrew Thompson, among others.