IMAGE Left Alt Text: In a scene from the Disney+ Original series National Treasure: Edge of History, actor Lisette Olivera portrays Jess Valenzuela and looks up at and touches a large blue orb with symbols and shapes painted in gold on top of a tan pillar. Olivera wears a woven orange tank top with light orange, green, and dark orange stripes across the chest. Olivera wears gold hoop earrings, a necklace with a medal pendant, and several bracelets on her left wrist. Olivera stands in a room with light purple walls, wooden benches, and a black and white checkered floor. Light shines through three tall windows that are adorned with long golden drapes. IMAGE Middle Alt Text: In a scene from the ABC special Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, musical artist HER portrays Belle and looks up with both arms stretched outward. HER wears a bright pink dress with dark pink ties in the center of the bodice, a matching dark pink shrug with a light pink fur on the hood, dark pink velvet gloves, and white lace adorning each cuff. Behind HER is a color backdrop with a white tree and the Beast off to the side. IMAGE Right Alt Text: In a scene from the Walt Disney Animation Studios animated film Prep & Landing, Lanny pulls Wayne close for a side hug. Lanny, an elf, wears black goggles atop his head, a green long-sleeved top, a green vest with green fur lining the edges, red shoes with curled toes, and green leggings with green and red horizontal stripes. Wayne, an elf, wears a red pointy hat with a green ball on the end atop his head, a green top with a Christmas tree down the abdomen, green tights, and brown shoes with curled toes. Lanny and Wayne stand inside an office space with brown wooden floors, green walls, and round clocks that look like mints.

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Week

By Andie Hagemann

From a time-traveling limited series to a reimagining of a beloved Disney film, you won’t want to miss all the spectacular titles coming to your TV (and assorted streaming devices) this week. On Tuesday, all episodes of FX’s new limited series Kindred launch on Hulu. The first two episodes of National Treasure: Edge of History premiere Wednesday on Disney+. ABC’s Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration special premieres Thursday on the network. Last but not least, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Prep & Landing airs Friday on Freeform as part of the network’s “25 Days of Christmas” festivities, and Disney Original Documentary’s If These Walls Could Sing debuts that same day on Disney+.

In a scene from the FX series Kindred, actor Mallori Johnson portrays Dana James and sits at a wooden table with each hand resting on the top. Johnson looks to her left with wide, teary eyes. Johnson wears a tan, long-sleeved sweater. On the table is a single metal candle holder covered in wax. Johnson sits inside a dimly lit wooden cabin. Behind Johnson are an old metal candelabra on the wall and a wooden rocking chair with a multi-colored quilt draped on the back of the chair.

KindredTuesday, December 13, on Hulu
Adapted from Octavia E. Butler’s celebrated novel of the same name, the FX series—intended only for mature audiences—centers on Dana James (Mallori Johnson), a young Black woman and aspiring writer who is ready for a new life in Los Angeles. But, before Dana can settle into her new home, she finds herself being pulled back and forth in time. She emerges at a 19th-century plantation—a place connected to Dana and her family—where she learns unknown family secrets. The limited series also stars Micah Stock as Kevin Franklin, Ryan Kwanten as Thomas Weylin, Gayle Rankin as Margaret Weylin, Austin Smith as Luke, David Alexander Kaplan as Rufus Weylin, Sophina Brown as Sarah, and Sheria Irving as Olivia. All episodes are available on the streamer at launch.

In a scene from the Disney+ Original series National Treasure: Edge of History, from left to right, actors Lisette Olivera as Jess Valenzuela and Harvey Keitel as Peter Sandusky stand face-to-face inside a dimly lit room covered with wood paneling. Olivera wears a brown leather jacket on top of a long-sleeved cream top. Keitel wears a charcoal long-sleeved top, a charcoal sweater vest with a black argyle design, and a silver watch on his left wrist. Behind Olivera and Keitel are a large wooden bureau—topped with old books, an antique glass lamp, and two daggers in a jar—and a large landscape painting with an ornate golden frame.

National Treasure: Edge of HistoryWednesday, December 14, on Disney+
The all-new Disney+ Original series—an expansion of the National Treasure film franchise—follows Jess Valenzuela (Lisette Olivera), whose life is turned upside down when a stranger gives her a clue to a centuries-old treasure that might be connected to her late father. An avid puzzle-solver, Jess puts her skills to the test as she and her friends follow a series of clues hidden in American artifacts and landmarks. Can she outsmart an antiquities dealer who is also on the hunt for the lost treasure? The first two episodes debut at launch, followed by new episodes premiering weekly on Wednesdays thereafter. The series also stars Catherine Zeta Jones as Billie, Jake Austin Walker as Liam, Jordan Rodrigues as Ethan, Zuri Reed as Tasha, Antonio Cipriano as Oren, and Lyndon Smith as Agent Ross.

In a scene from the ABC special Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, musical performer HER portrays Belle, smiles, and stands center. HER holds a book with a royal blue book jacket against her chest. A white wicker basket dangles on her right arm. H.E.R. wears a white blouse, a blue jumper, and a white apron adorned with several red flowers, and brown leather booties. Behind HER are a crowd of townspeople dressed in colorful period ensembles and a large backdrop painted to resemble a small town with cream buildings and red-tiled roofs.

Beauty and the Beast: A 30th CelebrationThursday, December 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC
This year marks the 30th anniversary of when Disney’s Beauty and the Beast became the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars®, and the theme song “Beauty and the Beast” won the Academy Award® for Best Original Song. To commemorate the milestone anniversary for this “tale as old as time,” ABC will present an animated and live action-blended special with a star-studded cast. Award-winning singer-songwriter H.E.R. will play Belle, while Josh Groban will portray the Beast. The special also stars Joshua Henry as Gaston, Martin Short as Lumière, David Alan-Grier as Cogsworth, Rizwan Manji as LeFou, Jon Jon Briones as Maurice, Shania Twain as Mrs. Potts, Leo Abelo Perry as Chip, and Rita Moreno as the narrator. The special will be available to stream the following day on Disney+.

In a scene from the Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film Prep & Landing, elves Wayne and Lanny stand inside a brick fireplace with their arms extended outward and surrounded by a cloud of smoke. Wayne and Lanny both wear round goggles with neon green lenses over their eyes, a pointy green hat with red round balls on the end, a green coat with green fur around the collar and piping the edges, a pair of green leggings with red and green stripes, and shoes with curled toes. Above their heads hang three red Christmas stockings with white fur and a green garland with white lights. A poinsettia in a green pot is on the hearth next to a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. Opposite is a green Christmas tree decorated with white lights, red and white candy canes, and red Christmas ornaments.

Prep & LandingFriday, December 16, at 9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Freeform
After working in Prep & Landing for 227 years, Wayne (voiced by David Foley) is upset when he doesn’t receive an expected promotion to be the Director of Naughty List Intelligence. Instead, Wayne is partnered with Lanny (voiced by Derek Richardson)—a rookie with neverending excitement for Christmas. During their Christmas Eve mission, Wayne and Lanny are dealt unexpected challenges that test their limits, but will the elves be able to guide Santa’s reindeer through an intense snowstorm?

In a scene from the Disney Original Documentary If These Walls Could Sing, musician Paul McCartney sits in a red-padded chair inside a recording studio. McCartney wears a dark blue button-down shirt with an abstract light blue design and a pair of black pants. Surrounding McCartney are a piano, guitars, an organ, amps, speakers, and large microphones.

If These Walls Could SingFriday, December 16, on Disney+
For more than 90 years, Abbey Road Studios has been at the heart of the music industry. Fans journey every year to have their photo taken at the famous crosswalk, and artists aspire to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. In this Disney Original Documentary film, Mary McCartney guides viewers through nine decades of music magic and interviews iconic musicians including Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Disney Legend Elton John, John Williams, and many more.