In a scene from The Little Mermaid, Ariel, played by Halle Bailey, holds out a fork and smiles at Scuttle, voiced by Awkwafina, as Flounder, voiced by Jacob Tremblay, swims beside Ariel.

Your Watch Guide to All Things The Little Mermaid

By Emily Hewitt

After much anticipation, this year’s The Little Mermaid finally dove onto Disney+ on Wednesday. To celebrate this magical occasion, we’ve put together a watch guide of the best The Little Mermaid-themed content, ready to make a splash onto your television or other viewing devices. All titles are available on Disney+.

The Little Mermaid (2023)
Of course, you have to start with The Little Mermaid (2023)—even if you’ve already seen it once… or twice… or more. The classic plot remains: Upon falling for the charming Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King), who lives on land, Ariel (Halle Bailey) goes to the wicked sea witch, Ursula (Melissa McCarthy), and reluctantly agrees to trade her voice temporarily for legs. As Ariel experiences land for the first time, Ursula plots a way to keep Ariel’s voice forever.

The Little Mermaid (1989)
After seeing the new live-action film, you can throw it back to the Walt Disney Animation Studios classic, inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Relive the cascade of songs and thingamabobs and remember why this Ariel was instrumental in making her voice, Jodi Benson, a Disney Legend. After your pipes are warmed up, you can watch The Little Mermaid Sing-Along next.

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (2000)
A second generation of mermaids graces the screen in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, as Ariel and Eric’s daughter, Melody, voiced by Tara Strong, explores the place her mother once called home—the sea. Once there, however, Melody finds herself entangled with a plan by another evil sea witch, Morgana (Pat Carroll), to bring down King Triton (Kenneth Mars). Ariel (Jodi Benson) must return to Atlantica to find her daughter and save her family.

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning (2008)
Before Ariel and Eric met, she was just a young mermaid under the sea, swimming along with her sisters. A prequel to the original film, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning takes place just after the death of Athena, Ariel’s mother, which leads King Triton (Jim Cummings) to ban music from the kingdom of Atlantica. Watch Ariel (Jodi Benson) rebel against her father’s law while Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) does his best to keep the rhythm going.

The Little Mermaid (1992–1994)
Set between The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning and the original film, this 31-episode series follows the adventures of Ariel (Jodi Benson), her six sisters, and her trusty companions, Flounder (Edan Gross) and Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright). Watch the mighty mermaid fight off threats to her family and build relationships with her loved ones.

The Wonderful World of Disney: The Little Mermaid Live! (2019)
Ariel’s story becomes part of our world in The Little Mermaid Live!, a stage retelling of the film that aired on The Wonderful World of Disney. Although Ariel (Auliʻi Cravalho) doesn’t get too far flipping her fin in this version, you will definitely get to see her dance under the stage lights. The cast includes Queen Latifah as Ursula, Graham Phillips as Prince Eric, Shaggy as Sebastian, and John Stamos as Chef Louis.