Tokyo Disneyland Opening

Tokyo Disneyland Opens

After the success of the American Disney Parks, many different countries made entreaties to Disney about building their own version of Walt’s Magic Kingdom. Of all the requests, Japan’s seemed most eminently feasible. The Oriental Land Company had some land reclaimed from the Tokyo Bay, which had to be used for a recreational purpose, and there was a huge local population within a 30-mile radius. A Disneyland would be a perfect fit for the site. The Japanese had long been enamored with Disneyland and when the contracts were signed it was determined that they did not want an Oriental version of Disneyland; they wanted an American park. So Imagineers worked carefully to design an ideal park for the new site. Because of more inclement weather the Main Street areas was redesigned as World Bazaar, with a roof over it. There was one Audio-Animatronics® attraction that dealt with Japanese history, originally designed for the Japan pavilion at Epcot, called Meet the World.