Scrooge McDuck and Money is Released

The character of money scavenger Scrooge McDuck was originally created by Carl Barks in a 1947 comic book story, but Scrooge didn’t make his theatrical debut until two decades later on this day in 1967 with the theatrical release of Scrooge McDuck and Money. When Scrooge appeared later in Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the television series DuckTales, Alan Young provided the voice, complete with Scottish brogue; however, this version of Scrooge was more reminiscent of Ludwig Von Drake. Actor Bill Thompson provided his voice, though he was certainly no newcomer to Disney. His other voice work includes the characters of the White Rabbit, Mr. Smee, and Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore, to name a few. Scrooge McDuck and Money is an educational film that teaches the history of money, so having Scrooge, the richest duck in the world, educate us on the subject certainly makes a lot of “cents.”