NBC Airs Disney’s Totally Minnie

In 1988, Suzanne Somers took a break from her starring role in TV’s She’s the Sheriff to co-star with Minnie Mouse in the totally hip, totally cool Totally Minnie TV special which aired on this day in 1988. When Maxwell Dweeb, a complete nerd portrayed by Robert Carradine, realizes he needs some help, he sets off to The Minnie Mouse Center for the Totally Unhip where Suzanne leads him through the steps of losing his nerdiness. While there he gets a glimpse of some of the others who have found great happiness from the efforts of the center. Wheel of Fortune‘s Vanna White, Miami Vice‘s Philip Michael Thomas, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck all appear to be thrilled with newfound hipness. Yet with all the guest stars, cartoon clips and even a music video-style performance by Elton John, it was clear the show was really about one thing… Minnie, totally.