still from cartoon How to Play Football featuring Goofy

How to Play Football is Released

For someone who is the world’s most famous goof, Goofy showed the world how to . . .  well, how to just about everything. The first time Goofy showed us “how to” was in “How to Ride a Horse,” a sequence in the 1941 feature The Reluctant Dragon. He continued to educate right up until his final cartoon short in 1965, Goofy’s Freeway Trouble, teaching the dangers of driving a motor vehicle.

Goofy helped the world understand subjects . . .

Between skiing and driving,Goofy helped the world understand subjects such as How to Play Baseball, How to Swim, How to Fish, How to Be a Sailor, How to Play Golf, How to Dance, How to Sleep, and on this day in 1944, How to Play Football. In multiple roles, Goofy takes all the places on both teams to demonstrate the sport. Just 42 years after his last cartoon short, a new Goofy cartoon was released in 2007, and once again he (mis)guided us in the how-to adventure How to Hook Up Your Home Theater.