D23 EXPO Emporium: A Truly Magical Marketplace

“Emporium” is an elegant synonym for “store” or “shop.”
But the D23 EXPO Emporium is so much more than that. If D23 EXPO 2015 brings all of Disney’s wonderful worlds together under one roof, the Emporium brings collectors, vendors, and fans of each of those worlds together into one magical bazaar for your browsing and shopping pleasure.

Fangirls can…

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character designer Tara Billinger

A Toy (Designer’s) Story

Ever since the first sets of Vinylmation were released in 2008, they have been popular collector items for Disney fans of all ages. The 3-inch figures in the famous mold of Mickey Mouse have been created with themes that range from Mickey and his friends to Muppets, and much more.

A recent release features designs inspired by the first season of the popular Emmy…

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