Toy Story 2

7 Easter Eggs You Need to Find in Toy Story 2

By Jocelyn Buhlman

We’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pixar’s first ever sequel—1999’s Toy Story 2. Following the adventures of Woody, who has been stolen from Andy and faces a future inside a toy museum, and Buzz, who will stop at nothing to get Woody back to his home, Toy Story 2 expanded the world built in the original film and proved to us that…

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Toy Story

Does Your Knowledge of Pixar Go All the Way to Infinity and Beyond?

By Megan Deppe

Back in 1995, Pixar introduced us to a world where toys can talk and move. Since then, we’ve seen bugs create ingenius inventions, rats prepare delicious dishes in a world-class restaurant, and robots fall blissfully in love; and we’ve accompanied a young musician on an incredible journey to the Land of the Dead. Now, prepare for everyone’s…

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23 Favorite Pixar Supporting Characters

Buzz and Woody. Dory. Merida. Joy and Sadness. They’re some of the most iconic characters in Disney•Pixar (not to mention animation) history, and they’re known the world over. As we celebrate the amazing 30-year history of Pixar Animation Studios, we thought we’d take a moment to praise some of our favorite supporting characters from Pixar’s 16 feature…

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