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Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with These Ayy-conic Quotes

By Savannah Salazar Avast ye mateys! It’s a treasured day around these waters because it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a day where ye, well, you get the idea. To help you out, we’ve pillaged through our favorite Disney pirate quotes for you to take a gander at. Landlubbers can try their hand—or hook—at …

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Tinker Bell

Did You Know? 11 Pixie-Dusted Facts About Tinker Bell

By Jim Fanning “All the characters in Peter Pan are in some way touched with magic,” Walt Disney once observed, and this was particularly true of the 1953 classic’s breakout star. He added, “The little fairy Tinker Bell glows like a firefly and leaves a trail of pixie dust behind her as she flits about …

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disney inventors

12 Inventors to Inspire an Up-and-Coming Scientist

By Megan Deppe “There’s really no secret about our approach. We keep moving forward—opening up new doors and doing new things—because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. We’re always exploring and experimenting.” This was Walt Disney’s approach to making a difference in the world, so it only makes sense that many …

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New Disney Movies A-Plenty—Plus More in News Briefs

By Courtney Potter Are You Ready? Tons of Disney Live Action Movies Announced! With the mega-success of Disney’s The Jungle Book, our friends over at The Walt Disney Studios have just announced a veritable smorgasbord of Disney Live-Action films! While exact release dates are still being decided, we can give you a rundown of some …

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Create a Tinker Bell Ornament

If you want to add a little “pixie dust” to this year’s Christmas tree, look no further than our Tinker Bell ornament! Feel free to personalize this ornament by using your favorite colors—for the glitter and sequins, for the sticker letters, and even for the confetti snowflakes. Just make sure you use a clear bulb, …

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