Sweet Seams

Q&A with the Creative Mind and Super Fan Behind the New Must-Have Disney Dolls

By Jocelyn Buhlman

For the young (and young at heart), toys are the tools to create grand stories and epic adventures. Your favorite characters can relive their famous tales or begin new ones, impossible ones—stories you’ve only seen in the depths of your imagination. Garrett Sander, a lifelong Disney fan with an epic toy collection to boot, is now living his…

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Ultimate Princess Celebration

JUST ANNOUNCED: Disney Kicks Off Global Ultimate Princess Celebration

By Beth Deitchman

It’s a celebration befitting Disney royalty, and everyone is invited!

The Walt Disney Company today announced the launch of the Ultimate Princess Celebration, a yearlong event spotlighting the courage and kindness these Disney heroines inspire in fans all around the world. From Cinderella’s generosity and Belle’s ingenuity to Mulan’s…

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