three little pigs

We’re Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf: 6 Fun Facts about the Three Little Pigs

By Charles Solomon

The release of the celebrated Silly Symphony Three Little Pigs in 1933 couldn’t have been more timely. It was the worst year of the Depression, and “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” became an anthem of hope for millions of people weary of bad news and bill collectors. Two years later, on November 28, 1935, a writer in the Dublin Evening…

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Disney movies based on fairy tales

11 Stories to Celebrate on “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”

By Megan Deppe

“Great stories change lives, take kids to amazing places, grow their imaginations and teach them incredible things to prepare them for bright futures.” This is the motto behind Disney’s “Magic of Storytelling” initiative, and what better time to celebrate great stories than on Tell a Fairy Tale Day? Disney has a long history of bringing…

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