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Inside the Imaginative Second Season of Short Circuit

By Zach Johnson Short Circuit, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ innovative and experimental short film program that enables anyone at the Studio to pitch an idea and potentially be selected to create their own short, is marking the fifth anniversary of its inception with the exciting debut of five new shorts, exclusively on Disney+. The shorts …

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D23 Inside Disney episode 23

D23 Inside Disney Episode 23 | Disney Easter Eggs from the Disney+ animated series Short Circuit

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2 musical revealed, all the trailers from the Big Game, Hamilton coming to the big screen, and Disney Parks makes dreams and wishes come true. Plus, Jennifer Newfield, Production Manager, and Zach Parrish, Director, from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Short Circuit talk about pitching stories, seeing their characters in the Disney parks, and Easter eggs to look out for on the Disney+ series.

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Short Circuit Is Bringing Magic to Disney+ in 90-Second Stories

By Karina Schink There are no small ideas. That’s the rather grand and magical thought behind the Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) program Short Circuit, in which anyone currently working at the Studios, whether an animator, character modeler, or developer, can get the opportunity to direct a 90-second animated short. At a recent event at …

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