Return to Oz

Behind the Emerald Curtain: Concept Art from Disney’s Return to Oz

By Kevin Kern, Walt Disney Archives Every now and then, while working with the historical production artwork preserved in the Walt Disney Archives, one has to pause to appreciate just how special each individual piece is, and what story it helps to tell. Some of my favorite examples to peruse in this way come from …

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8 “Hidden Gem” Disney Films You Need to Check Out on Disney+

By Jocelyn Buhlman Since Disney+ is a treasure trove of Disney content available for streaming, now is your chance to discover the “hidden gems” of Disney’s filmography—meaning, the fun and unique Disney films that you might not have in your current collection. Discover new favorites (or track down that one wacky film you haven’t had …

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Disney movies

15 Disney Movies You Should Definitely Revisit Right Now

By D23 Team Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Cinderella. Mary Poppins. The Little Mermaid. Beauty and the Beast. Toy Story. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For decades, Disney has projected some of the world’s best-loved films onto the silver screen, stories that continue to delight fans young and old. But what about some of …

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George Lucas and Fairuza Balk on the set of Return to Oz

George Lucas Goes to Oz

In this behind-the-scenes production photo, we see a young Fairuza Balk on the set of Return to Oz (1985) with George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars universe.

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