The Legend of Disneyland’s Halloween Tree

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland Park, you may have noticed the tall tree in front of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Frontierland… a stately oak reaching up to the sky while keeping watch over the passers-by below. Every Halloween since 2007, this tree gets a very special makeover—and it’s all because of one of America’s most prolific (and celebrated)…

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2012 In Memoriam

Norman Alden, an American character actor who performed extensively on television and in the movies, passed away on July 27. For Disney, he voiced Sir Kay in The Sword in the Stone, appeared in Ed Wood (as cameraman Bill), and performed on television in the two-hour movie Sunday Drive (as John Elliott).

Ernest Borgnine, a renowned American film and television actor…

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Walt Disney with Epcot

A World of Tomorrow: Inside Walt’s Last Dream

A decade on, there’s still debate about when exactly the 21st century began. For Disney fans, that pivotal moment didn’t come at the stroke of midnight in 2000, or even a year later. At the heart of Walt Disney World, under the warmth of an autumn Florida sun and amid spectacular pageantry and color, the dawn of the new millennium arrived nearly 20 years earlier than…

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