Peter Pan

Fly Around Disney Parks with Peter Pan

By Megan Deppe

Faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust was all it took for audiences to fall in love with the boy from Never Land who didn’t want to grow up. Peter Pan has been one of Disney’s most beloved characters for years, both on screen and in Disney parks. Here are some of the many ways that Peter and his faithful companion, Tinker Bell, spread…

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Walt Disney Archives Presents—A Pirate's Life for Me: Disney's Rascals, Scoundrels and Really Bad Eggs exhibit

Disney’s Pirates are Coming to D23 Expo in Brand-New Walt Disney Archives Exhibit

By Nicole Nalty

If ye be seekin’ adventure at D23 Expo, don’t miss this year’s exclusive exhibit, “Walt Disney Archives Presents––A Pirate’s Life for Me: Disney’s Rascals, Scoundrels and Really Bad Eggs.” Located on the Expo show floor, this 12,000-square-foot exhibit will celebrate some of Disney’s most popular pirates with unproduced artwork,…

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Disney Gif Adds Magic to Your Mobile Device—And More in News Briefs

Deliver a Dose of Disney Magic with Disney Gif
Sometimes you just need a little The Little Mermaid action to get your point across on Facebook, right? (Ariel really gets us.) Well, adding a touch of Disney magic to your messaging is now easier than ever with Disney Gif, a new mobile keyboard extension from Disney Interactive! Disney Gif lets users easily send gifs and…

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illustration of Cinderella Glass Slipper

See “Glass Slippers” Inspired by Cinderella, Amazing News About Spider-Man, and More in News Briefs

If the Slipper Fits, Wear It —and Watch a New Cinderella Trailer, Too!
Everyone who has seen the classic animated fairy tale Cinderella knows that there is only one person who can wear the shoe that our heroine leaves behind while fleeing the ball. And everyone who has seen the trailer for the Disney’s upcoming live-action Cinderella knows that Helena Bonham…

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