It All Started With a Cat?

Everyone knows that before Mickey Mouse there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. But before there was Oswald there was a little cat named Julius, one of the first and most prominent characters created by Walt Disney for the Alice Comedies. And even before the Alice Comedies, the evolution of the character of Julius can be traced back to the cats that appeared in some of the…

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The Fairy Tales Walt Disney Produced in Kansas City

Before the Alice Comedies, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney produced one-minute shorts, known as the Newman Laugh‑O‑grams, for the local Newman cinema chain in Kansas City. He then went on to open his first animation studio and create a series of six modernized fairy-tale shorts, known as the Laugh‑O‑grams.
“I started, actually, to make…

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