fantastic mr. fox

Fantastic Foxes

By Cesar Gallegos, Walt Disney Archives

Wes Anderson’s Academy Award® nominated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, follows the adventures of a clever fox and his family. The 2009 film also pays a nice homage to another film featuring an animated fox as its main character—Disney’s Robin Hood (1973).

The scene in question shows Mr. Fox and his family relaxing outside…

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watch this weekend 5/22

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend

By Savannah Salazar

Say hello to the weekend, as the arrival of Fantastic Mr. Fox and Hello, Dolly! on Disney+ is music to our ears! And the next day, you’ve got a friend in Freeform as they air a much-needed Toy Story marathon, perfect for the whole family to enjoy together! After last weekend’s much-anticipated finale of The Last Dance, ESPN keeps the ball…

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