Stunning Gallery Posters for Disney100: The Exhibition

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Disney100: The Exhibition is a must-see for anyone celebrating the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, and just this morning D23 revealed posters for all 10 of the galleries featured in this exhibition. Opening February 18 at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the exhibition was curated by our friends at the Walt Disney Archives and features more than 250 props, costumes, art, memorabilia, and more!

The posters, designed by artists Dave Pacheco and Shane Enoch, illustrate the theme of each gallery guests will experience while exploring the exhibition. During the D23 Expo panel “The Making of Disney100: The Exhibition,” the artists shared that the posters were inspired by the iconic attraction posters that welcome guests as they enter Disneyland. “I know they left a lasting impact on me as a kid and continue to inspire me and my work to this day,” Enoch told the audience. The goal of the posters, he explained, is to, “capture your imagination and evoke some sort of emotion.” All 10 posters feature design elements inspired by the gallery they represent—plus, maybe a sneaky detail or two for Disney superfans. “If you stare just a little bit longer, you may notice some of the Easter eggs baked into the art,” Enoch confirmed.

Take a look at a gallery of the posters below and get your tickets for Disney100: The Exhibition here.